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All of the gun cases were empty. After all they may not have known about David Novak’s bragging about his connections to the Russian Mafia. The two people that Robert Steed says that the police need to talk to in order to learn more about this plan to get incriminating information on Tom, Tommy and Darick are Robert Dolezar. It is the evening of the 16th that Dee tells Sandy Police that she doesn’t have any idea who Ken could have been meeting. With that in mind would you have brought to the Defense team’s attention the fact that Mr. Wright’s DNA was excluded from the seat cushion as relevant evidence to show that he was not the last driver of the vehicle? Morrison: No test fired shell casing, she said.

In February 2015, Cornell University sophomore Charlie Tan needs to skip football practice and rush home. The interview was conducted by Josh Player and Vaun Delahunty.

This is Ken talking to his wife, Dee, the night before the murder. The last driver was not Chris Wright but the jury never knew. The human body sheds 30-40 thousand skin cells per minute. Another recording Chris Wright knew nothing about until after his conviction. In fact Josh must have known that Dee and the other people close to Ken assumed that Ken was killed by somebody from Russia or Eastern Europe. Let’s listen to another important part of Dee’s call with Chree on the 15th: AUDIO EVIDENCE – Disk 51a Leslie Mower Prison calls 2 of 6.mp3 (min 8:30 – 9:20). Or could it be that, at least in part, Josh and Vaun are referring to the missing parts of Lee’s interview from March of 2008? In what marks the first time the lead investigators at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation are speaking out.

Sribner: I can’t say for sure if I watched him package that or not. When was that? AUDIO EVIDENCE – Disk 8 Leslie Mower 2 of 3.mp3 (min 8:20-11:11). Book 6 is 346 pages long, the longest book in the TWO FACE series on Chris Watts. Except that more than two months before Lee’s interview a man named Jason Golly, who had worked with Tom Mower, said this: AUDIO EVIDENCE – Disk #21 Track #2 min 6:40 – 9:50 Jason Golly 12/12/07. That someone else is found on the steering wheel. The person that Ken is referring to as “my friend”, according to Dee has been talking to Tommy and Darick. Although Watts did defecate beside tanks, it wasn’t at CERVI 319 but CERVI 1029. This is about two weeks before the trial and not one recording or report has been provided to indicate any contact with Lee between 2008 and this: The interesting thing about this recording is that most of it is Josh or Vaun telling Lee what they remember Lee saying in previous interviews. I feel like this is the kind of evidence most Americans think should be suppressed, it was not, and an innocent man went to prison and still sits there. The DNA  report that they tried to use to connect Chris Wright to the victim’s vehicle at trial didn’t come out until almost a year and a half and some desperate analyst shopping later. It’s not the kind of rift a normal families are used to.

Another interesting comment by Dee is made in reference to the person the meeting is planned with when she says: “He knows now, nothing will leak out. None of this came out until around two weeks before trial. Once all of this was put together it started to make sense to have the recording analyzed. In the recorded call – as you heard – Ken and Dee were discussing Ken’s plans for his meeting at 7am the following morning. It is the most important empty gun case found but it is the only one that there are no photographs of the inside of from the day of the search of Chris Wright’s condo. If Lee told them about the accent and the photo shopping before the preliminary hearing, as Lee claimed to have done, it will be in that interview. Bart Baily is Dee’s attorney and had been out to meet with her prior to the police interview. But one day, something terrib. Your email address will not be published. They could have just viewed it as the editing out of a part where their witness was confused. I refer to myself in the third person when writing about this case to make it easier to understand for the reader. The mass raids, to be conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are set to target roughly 2,000 families in major cities across the United States. Ken’s brother and Cheris Darick, Mower’s ex-wife. Below is what, in my opinion, sounds like Josh and Vaun trying to cover their butt. That DNA report was a real problem for Carriger’s case as you know if you read the footnote on DNA. There just wasn’t anything in this so we just collected it took pictures of the serial numbers and I sealed it. The moment Chris Watts confessed to murdering his pregnant wife: Part 2, Chris Watts led double life before murdering his family, court docs show: Part 3, In a shocking statement, Chris Watts describes how he killed his wife: Part 4, 5 Questions to Speculate Over – True Crime Guru Badge [#5] | True Crime Rocket Science / #tcrs, Shan’ann Watts Also Has A Pinterest Page – and what that reveals. The fact that we did not find his DNA on the steering wheel, did that lead you to a conclusion that you would emphasize to the defence team as a possible theory of their case? As Scribner does more than once while under oath, she later changed her testimony and suddenly she never looked in the gun case.
Much more ahead. Dee later tells police that she knew nothing about Ken’s plans for the morning he was killed. So when Sandy City needed a reason that the shell casing hadn’t been found in the initial search it was because it was tucked under the egg crating where it wouldn’t be seen. The fact that the “unknown male” on the steering wheel is the “major contributor” means that there is more DNA from this “unknown male” on the steering wheel than there is from Ken. Police and prosecutors will always try to claim that evidence is more conclusive than it is. I hope that people will now view things as I do. That the police never spoke to the victim’s brother again? The DNA, Morrison: And out in suburban Sandy Utah, the case still resonates around the shiny new court house where ADA Josh Player Struggled with his emotions a bit as he told us he is sure he did not send an innocent man to prison but rather achieved, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-19-Simpson-Willis-Mower-Steed-4-of-4.m4a, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-37-Sgt-Troy-Arnold.mp3, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-51a-Leslie-Mower-Prison-Calls-1-of-6.mp3, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-51a-Leslie-Mower-Prison-Calls-2-of-6-FIRST.mp3, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-8-Leslie-Mower-2-of-4.mp3, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-51a-Leslie-Mower-Prison-Calls-2-of-6-SECOND.mp3, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-3-Lee-Carlson.m4a, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-4-Lee-Carlson.mp3, https://thewrongwright.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WEBSITE-DISK-21-Golly-Bachman-2-of-2.mp3. At no point did any of the state’s three DNA analysts say anything that supported Josh Player’s contention that Chris Wright was the last driver of the vehicle. Why would Vaun ask that question unless Lee Carlson had just told Vaun and Josh exactly what Lee claims to have told them. Q: And that somebody had already taken it out of the evidence and opened it and found the test shell casing? In the parts of the phone call that Dateline played in 2012, the part that was known to be relevant at the time was covered. Not to mention that he drove away with bare hands. In my opinion it becomes rather hard to believe that Josh’s tears are genuine when you know there is evidence of Josh or somebody very close to Josh altering evidence before providing it to the defense. So there is no issue about that either. I am however of the opinion that Dee withheld information in a way that led to my arrest and wrongful conviction and that others withheld information at her request. On the 15th Dee spoke with her sister Chree. An investigation into crimes allegedly committed by Tom, Tommy and Darrick in Eastern Europe or Russia and intended to make sure that all three go to prison for a long time. Bianca: I don’t mean to sound cynical but I know it wasn’t there. Let’s not forget that Josh Player told the jury that Chris Wright and the shooter have the same DNA type. There is in fact a profile and it is an unknown male. Q: Does that refresh your memory about your testimony, or of testifying? Your email address will not be published. Still there is not one single thing from this search on this magical moving shell casing or the inside of the one gun case that mattered to the investigation. With the DNA evidence found on the steering wheel of the “major contributor” being an “unknown male” and the defendant himself being excluded as having touched that steering wheel, if he had driven that vehicle that day when the vehicle was recovered shortly after the murder would we expect to find his DNA on the steering wheel?”. For those who don’t know what “major contributor” means in this context. What you have so far covers the basics of what you need to know regarding DNA and this case. Video Q: Had it already been cut, the tag that you had put on there had already been cut by somebody? Lee said that he told both Josh Player and Vaun Delahunty – the D.A.’s investigator – about the shooter having an Eastern European or Slavic accent before the preliminary hearing. AUDIO EVIDENCE – Disk #11 5/20/08 (Min 23:56 – 29:40/cutoff), WEBSITE – DISC 11 Leslie Dee Mower Police Interview 20th May 2008. I would like to point out that I am not of the opinion at this time that Dee Mower ordered Ken killed or even that she knew that Ken was going to be killed.

There are call out times to mark the beginning and the end of the recording. At the end of this interview the two officers who are conducting the interview sound as if they were about to go interview Cheris Darick, Mower’s ex-wife.

The mass raids, to be conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are set to target roughly 2,000 families in major cities across the United States. Hampikian stated the following: Q. Dee had another call though. Not one word about the investigation which was centered in Eastern Europe and Russia that people close to Ken assumed got him killed. Let’s listen to all of what we now know is relevant: AUDIO EVIDENCE – Disk51a Leslie Mower Prison Calls 1 of 6.mp3 (min 7.00 – 8.38). Though it sounds more incriminating to say what Scribner said. Hampikian:  You know, I think of all these samples that he is excluded would support the same conclusion that he was not the last person to use the car but I still say the steering wheel is probably the best in my view. Josh and Vaun must have known that any contact with Lee should have been preserved. I’ll tell you another case that will chill you to the bone is the case of RONALD GENE SIMMONS!
It’s just that once again what Scribner says isn’t true. Josh said that Lee Carlson claimed to have told both Josh Player and Vaun Delahunty before the preliminary hearing about the shooter having had an Eastern European accent and about Lee having photoshopped wigs onto Chris Wright’s photo until Lee was comfortable it looked like what Lee saw the day of the murder.

The recording begins at 1.20pm and ends at 1.50pm. Forget for one second how manipulative that is. That’s an interesting thing to say indeed. Chris Wright knew nothing about this recording until after his conviction. Scribner: When we took the test casing out of the gun box it was removed from the envelope, photographed and then placed as a separate piece of evidence. Even if all I looked at were these calls and the police interview I wouldn’t know what other conclusion to come to. I feel that Lee Carlson was just another victim manipulated by Josh Player. Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison reports. Q: So the zip tie has already been cut off before this picture was taken? Scribner: We opened it up to see if there was a firearm in it. Scribner testified as follows: Q: So you were subpoenaed to that prelim regarding Christopher Wright? Q: Okay. There is a match to a mixture with a statistic of 517.

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